2018 goals!

It’s finally 2018!

There are a few things that I want to accomplish this year or at least start.

This year I really want to start cosmetology school. It’s been a recent eye opener for me and I’m ready to give it my all and pursue this dream.

I want to cook and bake way more then I have been! I’ve always loved cooking but I’ve always been so busy and never had the actual time to do it. This year I’m going to make the time and cook as often as possible!

Stepping out of my comfort zone is something I really want to do this year. I’ve always been so hesitant to do the things I really want to do and it’s been holding me back from having any type of fun and to really enjoy myself the way I should be.

I want to try to get in shape and to start to eat healthier! It’s time to start thinking about my health and to take these things more seriously.

I will try to face my fears as often as I can this year. I want to take a wilderness trip and get over being scared of bugs (especially spiders)!!

I want to go skating! I know this may seem silly but I’m terrified to get on the ice. I think of every possible thing that could go wrong and I never get on the ice and I miss out on all the fun my friends have.

My last major goal is to try to save up as much money as possible so that I can buy my own place in the next couple of years. It’s my major life goal and I need to be more responsible with the way I spend money.

I hope everyone has an amazing and SAFE new year!! what were some of your new years resolutions?!?!


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