Makeup wish list

Hey guys!!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you guys a few things that I wish I owned!

Hope you enjoy it!



Colourpop is a brand that I’ve been obsessed with and have been wanting to get my hand on their palettes for ages!

I currently own only two things from colourpop.

One being a supershock shadow and the other a lippie stick and I love them both so much!

I will be hopefully getting my hands on some palettes soon!



The ABH Modern Renaisscance palette is one that I’ve been wanting for YEARS!

I play and swatch this palette every time I walk into sephora.

For the longest time I wasn’t able to splurge on something like this but now that I’m working full time I am saving up so that I can purchase it.



I want at least one item from YSL in my collection (preferably the primer ) YSL is something that I won’t have for a very long time as it is more expensive and I just can’t afford it.

( I do love testing it out at sephora though! LOL)




I am obsessed with MAC lipliners !

I want all of these nudes as they look so gorgeous! I wish I could just buy them all.

I really want to get my hands on soar and dervish since I love the more pink toned nudes.

Mac liners are so creamy and easy to apply I just love them so much!


Alright guys I hope you enjoyed this post!

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