Z Palettes


Hey guys!

I am obsessed with Z Palettes!

I think that they are perfect for getting rid of unnecessary clutter in your makeup drawer.

You can de-pot other small palettes  and put the pans into a z palette.

Not all pans are magnetic so what I do is take double sided tape and place it onto the bottom of my pan and stick it to my Z palette.

The Z palette I have in this picture is one I picked up from MAC.

Some of the eyeshadows that I have in this palette are from MAC, NYX, Mark ( which is an AVON brand), Mannakadar beauty, and the others I don’t remember.

Small palettes can take so much unnecessary space in my makeup drawer and with my limited space I’m always trying to find ways to keep my drawer organized and not overflowing with makeup.

My friend was the one who taught me that you could actually take the eyeshadow’s out of their original palettes and put them in a Z palette. I find it makes it easier to take with me travelling rather than taking so many palettes with me.

I love the idea of creating my own palette with colors I actually use or just putting a whole bunch of random eyeshadows together. You can do whatever you want with your Z palette I honestly feel like they are a great product to invest in!


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