Michelle Phan Palette


Hey guys!

Now I know I usually talk about products I like but this time I decided to switch it up and talk about a product I didn’t like.

This palette was something I absolutely disliked! I didn’t like any of the eyeshadows as they were all shimmery and I hate the fact that there is lip gloss within the palette.

I don’t like how the fallout from the eyeshadows falls into the lip glosses. It’s messy and it ruins that glosses.

The palette was hard to create a cute look with as you had to use other eyeshadows from other palettes. The colors in this palette were sheer and didn’t build well and it just could of used a couple matte colors within the palette.

The blush which is the large pink color in the middle was shimmery as well and isn’t what you want for a blush.

You want your blush looking natural and not shimmery.

There was just nothing that I liked about this palette at all!

It was just pretty upsetting:(

Hope you guys enjoy this review! šŸ˜€

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