Urban Decay and Colourpop

Alright guys! (sorry my camera is so poopy I’m saving to buy a new one thank you for being patient)

Today I will be talking about my two favorite purple eyeshadows (for now).

The first one is the urban decay eyeshadow in asphyxia. It’s a light somewhat shimmery purple and it feels a little creamy and it’s very blendable.

It looks great on the eyes and I’m just over all in love.

This eyeshadow is a little on the pricier side but it’s still pretty darn great.

The colourpop eyeshadow is in stereo is a pretty dark purple. This one as well is shimmery but you can work with it to create an amazing eye look.

Like I’ve mentioned before, colourpop is my all time favorite brand. I wish we sold it here in Toronto because I would love to be able to test out more products except for the three that I own.

(Please colourpop help us Canadian’s out over here!)

This eyeshadow is very creamy and I love the way that it feels on the eyes. It doesn’t have much fall out and the little pod that it comes in is adorable!

I hope you guys enjoy this review.

If you have any questions or suggestions don’t be afraid to email me and I would gladly try my best to test out whatever you suggest and to take your comments into consideration!

Thank you! ❤

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